Answers to your questions

The AutoGoat is your answer to complete control of load scheduling/ dispatching and keeping the production lines moving. It never gets tired,has accidents or damages equipment and it also performs physical yard checks and generates the list of resources available for transporting your products. if you have a scheduled dispatch time for a load it will notify you if the load has been picked up or not and at what time.

None at this time, We do have the knowledge and unparralled technichnal expertise to do this without question, it is not our core belief to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars builing a protoype only to find out now we have to reinvent the wheel.Our team has researched every aspect of this vehicle so much in fact we can do this to almost any existing vehicle and it funchtions as intended in a time frame that is unparralled in the industry.

Yes, we have 3 options for presale
$30K Refundable Deposit, 30K Due on delivery
$50K Non-Refundable, this is all you pay. Zero Due on delivery
$10K Refundable Deposit, Many benfets. 80K Due on delivery